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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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bizarre to come july from the russian capital time to update you on our main news stories including breaking news this hour a jury in new york convicts russian businessman viktor bhutto trying to sell weapons to colombian terrorists the sentence will be announced later and he faces anything from twenty five years to life in jail. the. results of the investigation into september's plane crash that killed a russian plucky team name pilot error as the cause and speak of traces of a strong sedative in the co-pilot's been a. whistleblower when did call a verdict the high court in london rules the wiki leaks founder julian assange
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should be tried in sweden over controversial sex crime allegations. and a sense of disillusionment dominates the protests ahead of the g. twenty summit in cannes as world leaders gather to contain the global financial mayhem and the greek announcement of a referendum on the euro zone's rescue deal has only fueled the flames. welcome back to one another summary for another update in about fifty minutes from now the meantime the russian president will be at the g twenty summit taking place this week in france and r.t. so if you have an answer as been speaking to his aide arkady if people can reach on what russia is planning to achieve there are not interviews coming up next here on nothing. i've got it backwards thank you very much for being with us today so the global
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economy is in a pretty bad shape and specially the euro zone regardless the last summit is going to influence the g twenty summit central focus on the state of the global economy clearly. you should wait to be cheer for our supporting sustainable growth we'll be in the center of the discussion and firstly it's time. for more technical nature real more for a way from the pensions and you can ask for example last year's g twenty summit was worth something about one billion dollars. people don't really think that anything comes out of distance especially when it comes to plausible solutions to the real problems world is facing. for example last time and suggested that world needs more financial regulation and that countries with big budget deficits should cut those deficits and the countries with large surpluses in external trade should encourage internal consumption i knew there's an incremental. back to the sun it's so
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it's cheaper and cheaper from five percent and more and you're being. more efficient way than before the second part is important to understand to while doing the science nor are specific decisions being made. but of the nation the four poorest conducted by dr national governments are important result this current before the. phrase much are more difficult in terms of so financial turmoil are the purpose. the thousand take but what are you guys deciding on the sun some shit way that you can't inside of the flow or when leaders look to their i thought for each other final outcome is much more efficient in your phone conversations are too formal for those kinds of fusions especially given the
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differences. in the traditions and the use of the greatest nations united states and china from conversations with the mother help bring it up to show her that africa will reach some kind of compromise and revolution like in your opinion what would you say so far has been the biggest achievement concrete achievements of the g twenty and europe are i would say that or trying to play certainly crawl for the season. and making process so that a scam or some new europe now than if you are mistaken one could argue with it so it would be shooting or where decisions were with it would be sufficient and not because of the crisis in europe but the result of the term ger pressure would be no decision but were so like left with faced with fundamental problems in global economy the us stepped through the eurozone crisis or the euro crisis we still have
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the lack of global financial oversight what do this factor leave us with i mean are we headed for a recession or a second round of recession there is commitment from all different countries to cut budget deficits were budget deficit so are high and we expect for all countries to follow this you are in command of the committee so. to do. this will help to achieve for the degree of fiscal cliff alleviation needed to call the markets and. start so the new cycle of growth second three was clear and the. training. and stronger financial oversight is needed some progress in creation from the banking scandals our position is that for the pace of reform is sufficient we should not. trust since you reduce tougher to greater spend of the financial institutions now we still have
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a negative impact on growth so i sleep or tries to prevent another recession where does russia stand in all this gas russia are interested in the global stability of this is why the russian president is trying to sense he makes his contribution here stance where the strong position of russia he's called the president and really made the fourth budget based result that you still waited more than a rather small swells to raise the already cover from the recession hurt themselves and to have one percent of their. four percent drop and i was a serious. according to all international manged markets we are in a good position but what i'm interested in is. the really bad shape of the united states economy and the really bad shape of the european crisis is it going to
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affect us. being global on top of a serial if after russia it's clear the question is where the north herbalists will be or what their second with russia is prepared to face the challenges we do have for resource aren't we do have strong storm lasted less markets and we do believe that if you want to face the same kind of crisis you can just wasn't there but clearly for instance with president obama when he calls for the whole world stand united by the u.s. economy it's sort of a selfish cause it is a selfish goal. we are the mr critical consideration of same time your congress to the biggest economy and for our military for you once and i think it's worth a global reporting of them. to make their way but i will play you for a sort of research i think that we should all support the trouble. of trying
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a curious should do its own work as well to reduce budget deficit and also the open rift between psychology and cameron confirms one more time how divided the european nations really are are the decisions that are taking up at that have been taken at that you summit enough to prevent the spread of the euro zone crisis let's hope that for europe in the future for our sufficient for program spread of the crisis our amounts of money enormous corp would be. but. the effect is conditional on not work for national grounds and will the second step of a big government be telling spain or throw parliament or some other creditors with comforts me to continue for our undertake very serious we have mirrors the stipulation our public records are in place as well but we feel like that the time
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has come where when the pressure is actually in the position to advise its order mentors to be real to me here for a sufficient and with results to all. those. in vice if the advice to quest. and also the war contribute to stability here with our own policy is good for our financial resources we. in the european play can share why the international mind that front misc right we can also offer one could be used in different way otherwise are we ready to lend financial support to the european union like china for instance we were not there to provide any direct financial support so we would direct quote what. were the international monetary fund if we are requested to provide them their traditional support real consider that you consider the most efficient waste of your articles what about the frequent raise
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a lot of people look up to them as like the last drop of hope what should they do to maintain global financial stability aldrete contras. on trying to provide for highest growth rates possible circumstances in which even quite growth rates even key words are global financial stability in the chinese room would presumably russia from. those. polled think trading for the global economy or grateful for the share of brics countries would require a big in the global g.d.p. . in the direction of the gross because distribute the higher risks in the global economy occupy wall street i know that you guys are used to having a purchase wherever you go whether it's people who are against globalization or environmentalists but occupy wall street have promised this time in two states
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protesting can do you think maybe after all these people have a point i mean introducing one person tax or financial transactions and currency trade what's actually enough money to finance the most social and environmental that is in the world i think that people who. go to the streets and the see can talk to the government's point and. the point is that all the things that the government should be doing should be working for the people for me it's. not one example in russia and its creation from potential financial center mosque or some people believe that that's just totally out of your brain to use and . it is you know for bringing some of the french and the confusion to florida but did not. build our financial center in such a way when people really go into occupy we are for national center for us and wall
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street built our financial center in such a way that the people. around. services cheaper services. so quick for a more convenient life in general. as far as a toxin financial transactions are concerned i think congress can decide on their own with introduce such talks or want to believe that russia would prefer. enough taxes for all kinds of taxes and they'll start a sufficient pregnancy oh all social programs properly and used some appropriate so we don't even other clocks. in russia we believe that the steps will hurt the economy to keep it in but in some other countries so would be a good use of those this kind of stuff might be useful why not they are going to
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have of course russia's g twenty shared by an aide to the russian president thank you very much thank you. so much was that so much for you to be sitting on the market just to be sure so does the rest of the world to the success we hold the first election of the arab spring it is long and hard. on. a very warm welcome to you this is your news today protesters on the wall street they have. ladies and gents a good chance to try to get the status of the huge experiment. to
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see if we pursue a business rap music in which it snows the trysts in some local economies and it's all changed things as financial template. to maintain our confidence in markets and . wants to be seems way to balance his recession looks to the nation's close to collapsing a subprime loan close. to fail so we played the game feel like there's a us crash. team is like ultimate in the class isn't. for me i'm just programs increase the total economy.
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bringing you the latest in science and technology from the realm. of the future covered. top stories this. breaking news on r t a jury in new york convicts russian businessman viktor booth of trying to sell weapons to colombian terrorists and the sentence will be announced later and he faces anything from twenty five years to life in jail. results of the investigation into september's plane crash that killed a russian hockey team named pilot error is the cause and speak of traces of a strong sedative in the co-pilot's blood. whistle blower wounded by verdict the high court in london rules that we can expand the juvenile songe should be tried in sweden over controversial sex crime allegations. regarding this our sense of disillusionment dominates or protests ahead of the g. twenty summit in cannes as world leaders gather to contain the global financial
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mayhem and the greek announcement of a referendum on the euro zone's rescue deal has only fueled the flames. now you're updated for the south but not with the sports news and it's turned to can we treat he's next on r.t. . hello there welcome to sports day to see it's very good to have a company again this coming up in the program. for a second straight victory over turkish side tribes and support in champions league group b. . plus any take a step closer to the knockout stages following an era when you print an outfit shock toward the nets. and check tennis stars the chances of beating russia in this weekend's cup final. for the first school are going to
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claim the second group the victory in the champions league on wednesday night stay on the man have travelled to circus side jobs and sport beat three in the it will shrink up to last month the man of the moment say didn't they are netted double in that match and they have already striker has since bagged two consecutive had trips domestically and jobs of simple both six or four points in group b. two behind into milan. in the other game in the group they see evening. the talents have been in terrible form in their domestic league with five defeats in nine games but will look to get their second way in two weeks over the french one nil victory last time out will be desperately seeking for their first win in the champions league campaign. which the city boss roberto mancini has offered to strike akala said as a way back into the side the head of city champs league clash with villa mancini
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said to have is just needs to apologize to him and the players for recent events in munich the striker is said to have refused to come out and play against by september. and played for citizens third in group a points behind by and and one behind napoli. i see a dog. in their life if everyone makes mistakes as important apologize as you wish this is the culture wars is easy was. also real madrid are the only team in the competition and yet can see they go in groups and a win against their own in france tonight would see that through to the next round just amarin is meant fencing their chances haven't beaten the old for. two weeks ago. so that. all of the young. will be motivated
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to be the more aggressive side it's not necessarily a do or die in manchuria leon will be better pleased when they're always motivate the against hers so we have to be careful as we can expect a physical encounter. in the meantime lone footballers understand they still have a chance to finish second in a group they're currently level on points with touch on its mission tonight looks almost impossible even if they intend to share points with the spanish giants but even if they lose they could hope that direct travels would misfire in the clash with the numbers i. don't approach a match he can go into those for you especially when we lost the first encounter but the scoreline then everyone could see that very much in form before the match. and side with strong patrik and france absolute not in the form of state of mind is no previous meeting so we'll see what happens out. the russian champ
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boosted their chances of qualifying for the knockout stages a narrow one zero victory against shakhtar donetsk in st petersburg last night keeps them in second place in group g. belgian defender nicolas loanwords without a goal there at the end of the votes half its in its second victory of a contain their point behind the sensationally to a pole make a set of people to want to remember the top two from each group progress in its remaining excesses will see them. going away trip to portugal. in other news three top like attorney cricketers are facing possible jail sentences after being convicted of fixing the. scene here and former captain sam nunn bots were found guilty at a court in london another bowler nineteen year old mohammad admits the charges before the trial began in return for money all three plot to deliberately bowl no
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balls at certain times during a test match against england at lord's last summer they will be sentenced by a charge for more or could face seven years imprisonment this so-called sports fixing scam was. by a british tabloid newspaper and the international cricket council says it hopes the verdicts will deter others from corruption. of course we know did the job's is yet to determine the approval with simpletons who each of the deeply is so i do not comment further in that regard but i do hope that this is seen as a further one in who is really individual who might who would it would ease of doing a good job of it with the with the nose. but switched to telus now and this weekend's third cup final between russia and the czech republic the czechs are led by wimbledon champion patrick bit of was also just one b.
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double to a championship but despite that they still consider themselves to be the underdogs for the tie in moscow where russia last for eight years richard talked with the czechs double star. that's definitely great of humor and i think all the players which are nominated very happy that they will play here will try their best to maybe make impossible possible i mean we have a great player we have really good singles players and also our doubles as strong as well and so we're looking forward to it so we want all push to make everything in the world would we can to get this title i mean it will be fantastic for everybody for the country and yeah we are looking forward to it. republic. oh i can i can imagine this going it's crazy for sure well i can't really tell
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because i wasn't there full time now but then what i can read and in the papers i mean everybody is excited and preparing everything for the trip here and i hope we are all good prepared and we will have a good week for sure. but the key to. what you think you are doing in. two thousand and three i do think so we are the underdogs but always said i we have a strong team better watch out what we bring with us and hopefully we have a nice game. because a little talent and. strength will so never give up i mean what is the biggest strength and the trip to. iowa i think the team you know the spirit of the team and say it's really nice is a boss years with our captain we had a really great relationship. yeah i mean if people i and the team i
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mean that's all what it. really supporting me each other pretty well and we want that everybody's making. but you. just what a disappointing run of results russia's first formula one move it will at least and this season on a high note the. driver becomes the first eastern european to compete in the twenty eleven rates of champions in germany and joins a star studded field that comprises three f one champions including the current one red bull so best in battle. and jenson button are also expected to complete their the race will take place and this is all of the third and fourth of december is currently knife in f one drivers championship after coming third in the opening melbourne grand prix. fresh from claiming golf biggest prize of two million dollars rory mcilroy wants to continue his winning ways in shanghai the in-form northern
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irishman needs prize money to try and catch top ranked luke donald in the race to dubai pulled out of the champions event in china opting to stay round his wife diane who is about to give birth to their second child and his absence opens the door for the world not a free market. at the invitation of shanghai and masters last week but that event was not sanctioned got animated so did not count and michael row looks so cut they get on to an old lead seen by almost two million dollars in the european money list has already secured the top earners title on the p.g.a. but mcelroy. is another vent to deny english men and historic. the most important thing for me at the minute is just to concentrate on my goals from and make that the primary focus which it always has been. you know that i've
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got a good one coming up to the end of the season of this is a big week and you're looking forward to playing with kareem and in the world cup and you know hong kong to violent forward to again to try and you know to come into looks lead so. you want to learn from this is concentrate on unfinished and finishing this year off really well. let's finish on a california beach where legend kelly slater is just a whisker away from my record eleventh world title the thirty nine year old american progress for one more heat in san francisco and ultimate stop on the eleventh. claim to hate big three on monday to retain his crown the pressure is on hand to show. up and knows how to deal with it. you know tens for whatever reason are impressive numbers of people you know it's two digits it's you know it signifies something there and. you know what i mean it's it's fine not
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to have. it whatever if there's no i don't really know i mean i hear people say that to me every day so i don't know what it's like for other people's perspectives but to me it seems like it was talking about for me. well that's all for me and the sport whether it's next thanks for watching us. bringing you the latest in science and technology from the ground. we've got the future covered.
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all. in some petersburg call she's available in hotels a story i'm going to i'm busted up in a small school sokoto patroclus otoh a true school photo golden golden. elvis you will see it still just a.


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